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Cooking with Spirits

Thanksgiving Recipes
Cooking with Spirits

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of all time. A holiday based on recognizing all of the good in your life, celebrating it by eating homemade, delicious food and drinking lots of fine wine and spirits – Awesome. Plus you have the added bonus of spending the day (hopefully not at work) with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving is also a time that many of us bust out the pots and pie dishes for their annual use and try to channel our inner Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse.

Once a year I become a master baker and only pies from scratch will do. I bake pumpkin, knead dough and grate the nutmeg all in an effort to add a little something special to the final product.

Did you know that adding vodka to your piecrust recipe makes your crust flakier? Have you ever added bourbon to your pecan pie recipe? The caramelly sweetness of the bourbon complements the pecans perfectly and adds that extra special something to an already delicious treat.

Liquor also makes a great glaze for your meats. Tequila glazed turkey or bourbon and orange glazed ham are both delectable options for a main meal.

Then there are fun concoctions like Fireball Pumpkin Pie, Bourbon-Bacon-Brussels Sprouts and Cointreau Cranberry Sauce.

Liquor can be a great ingredient in the kitchen. If cooked, the hardness of the alcohol dissolves and leaves behind a wonderful flavor. When mixed into cold dishes, it adds both flavor and a little extra kick to be enjoyed by the adult crowd.

This year we’ve compiled some fun recipes to share. So, as you dust off those pots and become a master chef – try something new. Try cooking with spirits.

Kentucky Bourbon

National Bourbon Heritage Month
Kentucky Bourbon

Many folks would argue that the birthplace of Bourbon is Bourbon County, Kentucky and that if it isn’t distilled in Kentucky, it isn’t the real deal. Now, let’s be honest – Kentucky is home to several great bourbons.

Although Texas and Indiana also distill a few outstanding bourbons, today we’re just going to focus on Kentucky and the variety of fine Kentucky bourbons you can find at Town Center Liquor, here in Jarrell, Texas.

When shopping for bourbons there are really three kinds – the classics you know and love, the rare classics you know and love to find and the lesser-known you need to try!

Starting with the classics – Woodford, Elijah Craig, Maker’s Mark, Weller, Buffalo Trace, Larceny, and Evan Williams. Yes, we carry each of these and we carry them in multiple sizes.

In addition to these well-known bourbons, we work diligently to ensure we can provide our customers with a selection of allocated or rare bourbons like Angel’s Envy, Elmer T. Lee, E.H. Taylor, Hancock’s Reserve, Blanton’s and Eagle Rare. These bourbons are called rare for a reason, so the quantity of each in our store will vary on any given day. However, rest assured, even if we are out of one or two of these brands, we almost always have a few of these on hand.

When it comes to the lesser-known Kentucky bourbons, there are plenty and there are plenty here to try. Our favorites of these lesser-knowns are Old Charter, James Pepper 1776 and Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon. Old Charter is made by the same people as Blanton’s and has a great, quality taste. Each of these are good, quality bourbons. We hope you will give them a try.

Kentucky – we want to raise a glass to you for everything you have done to enhance this fine American Spirit. We are Texans and we love everything about Texas, to include Texas bourbons, but even here in the Lone Star State we acknowledge that when it comes to bourbon, Kentucky – you done good.

Bourbon…The American Spirit

National Bourbon Heritage Month
Bourbon…The American Spirit

September is recognized as the National Bourbon Heritage Month, a month that recognizes the official “American Spirit.”

What is it that defines the “American Spirit?”

In looking into the history of Bourbon, I discovered that the story of Bourbon is similar to so many stories in our history highlighting Americans who followed their American dream, and fought with their American spirit.

Many of the original settlers in this country came here from Europe and brought with them a tradition of distilling whiskey. As they worked hard to carve out their life in the new world, they realized that corn was a stronger and more abundant crop than rye in the new land and began distilling with corn instead. Thus, the American ingenuity that defines so much of history was at the very birthplace of bourbon.

The first time this new drink is recorded as bourbon, is in Bourbon County, Kentucky, an environment seemingly perfect for distilling the beverage. Over the years, Bourbon has played a significant role in much of our nation’s history. During the Civil War, President Lincoln used taxes on Bourbon to support the cost of the war, while in the South; distilleries were shut down for materials needed to support the Army. Prohibition slowed the bourbon industry significantly, but determined distillers continued to make undocumented moonshine. When Prohibition came to an end, Bourbon sales taxes were used to help pull the nation out of the Great Depression. During World War II, distilleries halted their bourbon operations to support the war effort, instead distilling a much higher proof alcohol that could be used to make ammunition, anti-freeze and numerous other items needed by the military. After the War ends, production picked up again.

In 1964, Congress declared Bourbon a “distinctive product of the United States,” giving it special trade protection in the international marketplace.

After this the industry experienced a bit of a downfall, but with advertising like, “It tastes expensive…and is,” Maker’s Mark not only stayed afloat, but also helped reinvigorate the nation’s love for bourbon.

Since 2009, Bourbon sales have increased more than 40% as Americans fall in love all over again with this unique American spirit.

Bourbon is a drink that was born with this nation, and like our country has gone through ups and downs, through war and peace and continues to refine itself. Its history is defined by hard work, ingenuity and greatness – it is a true American Spirit.


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