A toast to Dads

A toast to Dads

What makes a Dad so awesome? I know all Dads are different, but I’m pretty sure if you were blessed to have a great Dad or know a great Dad, you might find there are a few qualities they all have in common. Maybe it’s their steadfast love for their family or their willingness to do whatever kind of work it takes to provide for their family.

For everything Dad does for you - let’s treat him with something special this Father’s Day.


If your Dad is anything like my husband and the father of my children, then a rare and special bourbon is the way to go.

We are proud to host a variety of bourbon from all over, but let’s focus on some of our finer ones brewed right here in the Lone Star State.

When looking for bourbon, it’s important to note that since Texas weather is hotter and more humid than other bourbon distilling places, like say Kentucky, it takes less time to achieve the perfect wood influence that some enjoy so much.

Texas Giant Pot Still, a locally distilled bourbon, recently won a silver medal in the San Francisco world spirits competition. Aged slowly in American Oak and weathered by the Texas sun, Giant is rich with strong butterscotch, vanilla and spice notes. It’s a good bourbon.

Alamo, an excellent sipping bourbon, is also distilled in the great state of Texas. It has a hint of chocolate and some good charcoal notes with an extremely smooth finish, making it an ideal gift for a bourbon-loving Texas Dad.

Then there is Cotton Hollow. There’s vanilla, there’s caramel and it has a really nice finish. It’s also a small Texas company – so not only good bourbon, but it’s always nice to support small businesses.


Of course if your Dad’s taste buds are more like my Dad’s, a man raised in an Italian home, than a fine wine might be the answer.

We just started carrying the Mollydooker line of wines and we are so excited to share them with you. Grown and vented in Australia, Mollydooker wines have won numerous awards.

The Scooter, Mollydooker’s one and only merlot, is a delicate wine layered with chocolate and spice. If you like merlot, this will not disappoint.

My personal favorite type of wine is Cabernet and Molly Dooker has two great ones – Matire D’ and Gigglepot.

Matire D’ is noted as a bright and lively wine awash with notes of cherry, strawberry and blackcurrant – approachable and expressive. This one will absolutely leave happiness on your taste buds.

Gigglepot is named after the winemaker’s daughter. It is a vibrant and elegant fine wine, full of personality and perfectly suited to its name. With flavors of raspberry, briar, mocha and mint this wine is fabulous.

No matter what you get Dad this Sunday, do it with love and let him know how special he is to you.

To every awesome Dad out there, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!


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