Cooking with Spirits

Thanksgiving Recipes

Cooking with Spirits

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of all time. A holiday based on recognizing all of the good in your life, celebrating it by eating homemade, delicious food and drinking lots of fine wine and spirits – Awesome. Plus you have the added bonus of spending the day (hopefully not at work) with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving is also a time that many of us bust out the pots and pie dishes for their annual use and try to channel our inner Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse.

Once a year I become a master baker and only pies from scratch will do. I bake pumpkin, knead dough and grate the nutmeg all in an effort to add a little something special to the final product.

Did you know that adding vodka to your piecrust recipe makes your crust flakier? Have you ever added bourbon to your pecan pie recipe? The caramelly sweetness of the bourbon complements the pecans perfectly and adds that extra special something to an already delicious treat.

Liquor also makes a great glaze for your meats. Tequila glazed turkey or bourbon and orange glazed ham are both delectable options for a main meal.

Then there are fun concoctions like Fireball Pumpkin Pie, Bourbon-Bacon-Brussels Sprouts and Cointreau Cranberry Sauce.

Liquor can be a great ingredient in the kitchen. If cooked, the hardness of the alcohol dissolves and leaves behind a wonderful flavor. When mixed into cold dishes, it adds both flavor and a little extra kick to be enjoyed by the adult crowd.

This year we’ve compiled some fun recipes to share. So, as you dust off those pots and become a master chef – try something new. Try cooking with spirits.


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