Independence Day

Independence Day

Easter and Christmas are by far, my all time favorite holidays, but right after those two awesome days, my next two favorite holidays are Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July – entire days devoted to celebrating love and freedom.

I grew up watching 1776 and have fond memories of visiting historical Philadelphia with my Dad as a child. After graduating from college, I joined the military and the 4th took on an even bigger meaning to me. I was blessed to experience cultures and nations that truly don’t know freedom. These experiences gave me a profound appreciation for this beautiful land we call home. We are a diverse nation filled with people from every race, every nation and every faith group and it is our differences that make us strong. This Fourth of July, I hope you will take a minute to celebrate our nation and the men and women whose ingenuity and courage bore our great nation way back when.

So pour yourself a drink – maybe a glass of 1776 Bourbon, Sailor Jerry rum or everybody’s summer favorite, ice-cold beer and let’s toast Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, General George Washington, Molly Pitcher and that entire generation of patriots.

Give me Liberty or Give me Death! Happy Birthday to the USA!


God Bless America!


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