Ode to Chambord

The Many Reasons to try Chambord

Ode to Chambord

Chambord is a huge favorite of mine. It’s delicious, it’s fantastic and it’s fit for a queen.

And so, today I wanted to devote some time to sharing with you how magnificent this drink is.

To begin with – it’s a raspberry liqueur…Yum.

It tastes good with so many things and is appropriate for so many occasions. In the summer, make a frozen smoothie using Peach Schnapps and Chambord (this recipe is located in our blog). I promise you this is something you will enjoy!

For New Year’s, add some to your champagne and make that New Year’s toast extra special.

In the evening, add it to a glass of chilled white wine. For dessert, pour it over some vanilla ice cream or a piece of cheesecake.

When you’re cold, add some to your hot chocolate and snuggle up by the fire.

Chambord makes a nice gift to a special lady, a fun treat with a bridal party and an awesome addition to a girl’s night out.

Ladies, treat your inner royalty to Chambord-infused treat!



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