The Chilton

Cocktail Cluster Episode 1

The Chilton

It’s time to start our cocktail cluster! Twice a week for the rest of the summer, we will feature a fun summer cocktail. You can find out how to make these cocktails in our blog or on our social media pages. You can also swing by the store and check the seasonal display – we will have recipe cards ready for you!

To kick off the cocktail cluster, we will start with an old Texas tradition that was invented in Lubbock – The Chilton.

I’m only halfway decent in the kitchen, so don’t worry - each of our cocktails will be fairly simple to make.

To start with some club soda, some vodka, a lemon and some salt. Rimming salt is preferable, but we can make do with regular salt too! Next grab a glass and a lemon juicer.

This was easy – I started by rimming my glass with salt. I forgot to get Jose Cuervo margarita salt, so I did it the old fashioned way with table salt and it worked just fine. But, it is even easier if you spring for the rimming salt.

Next, I filled my glass with ice and eyeballed about a shot of vodka. I used Eddy’s vodka, which worked really well, but pick your favorite! I would recommend Eddy’s, Titos, Gray Goose, Ciroc, Effin, or Ketel. Those are all pretty smooth vodkas which make the drink better.

After that, I used a lemon juicer and squeezed all the lemon juice I could into my glass. I actually had my kids help me with this – they had fun and so did I! After we squeezed as much juice as possible, I just threw the whole lemon into the glass. That part is optional, but I think it is more fun that way and you get more of the lemon juice as well.

Last, I filled the rest of my glass with club soda, stirred it with a straw and took a sip. It was perfect. I’m usually go for drinks that are a little sweeter so I was surprised how much I enjoyed this. So simple, pretty healthy, fun and super refreshing.

Of course, after helping me juice the lemons, my kids wanted a fun drink too. So, I made them a their own kid-friendly mocktail. We filled their glasses with ice cubes and then about three quarters full of lemonade. After pouring the lemonade, I topped their glasses off with club soda and a straw! And voila! The Chilton for Juniors!

Whether you’re drinking The Chilton the traditional way, or making it for your kids, I hope you enjoy this Texas classic!




1 ½ oz vodka

Juice of 2 lemons

Club Soda



Rim a highball glass with salt, then fill with ice. Add vodka and lemon juice. Fill glass with soda water and stir gently.


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