White Sangria Sparkler

Cocktail Cluster Episode 3

White Sangria Sparkler

The Fourth of July came on a perfect day this year – Thursday. I’ve noticed that means that the celebration can begin on July 3rd and carry on through the weekend! So to help carry on the celebration – today we bring you the White Sangria Sparkler. It’s light, it’s fun and it sparkles just like our nation does when we celebrate our Independence each year!

Start with a pitcher and your favorite white wine. It’s best to go with a medium – not too dry, but not too sweet. You will be adding fruit that will enhance the sweetness! Candoni Pinot Grigio is a great wine to use for this – it’s also one of the organic wines we carry – so a little healthier. Codes and Keys Sauvignon Blanc is another great option for this mix. Of course if you’re headed to a swimming hole this weekend, you might want to grab a box of The Drop White Wine. This is a good white wine blend and it comes in a can – so perfectly suited for water fun!

Just mix your wine and your fruits – peaches, kiwis and raspberries. Any peach will do, but this time of year you can’t go wrong with locally grown Texas peaches! They are delicious and will make this drink even more special. When you’re picking your fruit, it’s okay to use either fresh or frozen – they will both give you a great result. If you go with frozen, make sure to mix the fruit while it is still frozen, that way you won’t lose any of the fruit juices when the fruits defrost.

The recipe calls for sugar, but this is optional and really depends on how sweet you like your drinks.

Next just let this sit for at least an hour. If you use frozen fruit, the refrigerator is optional. Of course if you’re at the pool, maybe stick the pitcher in your cooler. This drink is really meant to be drunk chilled!

After an hour or more, it’s ready to be served! Mix in your sparkling water and serve over ice. A mint garnish is nice, but definitely optional.

We hope you enjoy a little extra sparkle this weekend!

*If you have kids that want to have a fun drink as well – trying making this recipe with white grape juice. *


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